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Ashley Bratcher
Ashley Bratcher(Grace Anderson)
Charismatic Carolina girl, Ashley Bratcher was born and raised in a small southern town. She is an honors graduate from Campbell University and holds a bachelor of arts degree in Graphic Design. After doing many short films and filling supporting roles in other features, Princess Cut serves as Ashley’s first major feature film lead role. Ashley was named One of “Top 15 People to Watch in 2015” by Out of the Woodwork. Other upcoming films she will appear in include the Kendrick Brothers’ War Room and also 90 Minutes in Heaven starring Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen.
Rusty Martin, Sr.
Rusty Martin, Sr.(Jim Anderson)
Rusty Martin, Sr. completed a career in the United States Navy in 1994 having spent much of his time in Special Operations. He began acting over a decade ago as a way to spend time with his then very young son who was also an actor. His very “believable” presence on film has resulted in many featured roles in numerous films such as Courageous, Love Covers All, The Carrington Event, The Remaining, A Long Way Off, and War Room.
Jenn Gotzon
Jenn Gotzon(Brooke McClaren)
Since portraying Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated “Frost/Nixon”, Jenn’s become an American leading lady in uplifting and redemptive movies. Film Advisory Board’s “Award of Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World” was given to Jenn Gotzon last year for her performance in “Doonby”. Jenn has a motivational speaking program called “Inspiring Audiences” where she travels nationwide and pioneers opportunities to show the movies she stars in, followed by in-depth conversation about moral lessons of the movie and an innovative exercise to help people grasp the passions of their heart to begin living their dreams.
Joseph Gray
Joseph Gray(Clint Masters)
Some of Joseph’s episodic TV bookings include Guest roles on NBC’s “Revolution”, Lifetime Network’s “Drop Dead Diva” & the CW’s “The Originals”. He also played a supporting role in the National Geographic Channel’s record-breaking TV Movie “Killing Kennedy”; which, amongst other accolades, was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Joseph has secured numerous roles in films as well. Notably, his portrayal of ‘John’, a principal role in the Academy Award nominated film “Alone, Yet Not Alone”. Along with his many acting credits, he has recently expanded his resume to also include credits as a Writer & Associate Producer.
Mimi Sagadin
Mimi Sagadin(Katherine Anderson)
Mimi began her acting career in Chicago during the 90’s and studied improv at The Players Workshop of the Second City. Since beginning her Film and TV career in 2005, she has appeared in over 40 projects. Many of you may know Mimi from her excellent performance opposite John Rhys-Davies in “Return To The Hiding Place.”
Cory Assink
Cory Assink(Jared Cunningham)
Tall, handsome, and charming American film and television actor Cory Assink is probably best known for his tenured commercial success, including multiple Super Bowl appearances and working repeatedly with Hollywood’s top directors. He starred in the touching short film You Are Super, available for viewing on Facebook. Cory, his wife and two daughters claim Los Angeles as his current home.
Rusty Martin, Jr.
Rusty Martin, Jr.(Robert Anderson)
Rusty started acting in the 3rd grade when he landed the lead role in a school play. The experience sparked a passion within him to pursue acting in movies.He worked on many independent films learning the many aspects of making movies. Rusty’s big break came in 2011 when he was cast as Dylan Mitchell in the independent hit film “Courageous”. Rusty has a number of films coming out this year: “Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods”, “Chasing Grace”, “Love Covers All” and “Princess Cut”. He won the Best Male Actor award at the CMM film festival in 2014 for his role as Jackson Stone in the movie “Jackson’s Run” which is now out on DVD. Rusty is now a student at NCSU majoring in Agricultural Science and continues to enjoy making movies.
Evan Brinkman
Evan Brinkman(Drew Anderson)
Evan has always had a happy and easygoing personality. He began modeling at the age of 5 for numerous companies including General Motors, Disney World and Nemour’s Children’s Hospital. Evan booked his first role in a feature film at the age of 9. Evan went to NYC to film his character, Sam Stein, opposite Isaiah Washington and Vivica A. Fox in the indie film DOCTOR BELLO. Evan would sit through 4 hours of special effects makeup every day to transform him into a young boy dying from cancer. Evan has filmed lead and supporting roles in TORN, THE OWL, PRINCESS CUT and TRAINWRECK.
Kate MacCallum
Kate MacCallum(Tessa Rigby)
Kate MacCallum is an actress, known for Princess Cut (2015), The Screw (2012) and Hot Mess (2011).
Paul Munger
Paul MungerWriter, Producer, Director
Paul broke into filmmaking with his multiple award-winning Creation documentary Animals in the Bible and went on to provide the homeschool community with Blueprint for Language Arts Success.

He then went on to serve with George Escobar and Advent Film Group on three feature films with budgets ranging from $25,000 to $7 Million. He served as Extras Casting Director for Hero, Production Office Secretary/Travel Coordinator for Alone Yet Not Alone, and Production Manager for The Screenwriters. Paul’s vision is to craft excellent films and assist rising filmmakers to impact culture for the glory of God.

David Cook
David CookLine Producer, 1st AD
David has been working on multimedia productions for 11 years, starting with radio, then television and photography, and more recently with film. With a desire to produce high quality films that would be God honoring, and help others do the same, he started working with Advent Film Group. In the last several years he has worked on several feature films with Advent, including Hero and Alone Yet Not Alone, and served as Producer for The Screenwriters. David has gotten experience working as a Production Coordinator, DIT, Grip, Editor, and Sound Designer. He has worked on pre-production teams helping with the budgeting, scheduling, casting and story development, and also the marketing and promotion side.